Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Why do we care?

I'll just throw out a question I've wondered about for a long time: Why do we care what strangers think? You may, at first thought, say that you don't, but have you ever had a bumper sticker on your car? Have you ever had a political sign on your lawn? Sometimes I've seen bumper stickers that make me laugh. For instance, "Jesus loves you. Everyone else thinks you're an asshole." I can understand that. Someone had a notion to make people smile. That's nice. But what about something like, "My child is an honor student at Phineas Fartwaffle Junior High." Do you really care whether some stranger driving behind you knows personal information about your kid? How about putting a political sign on your lawn? "Vote for Donald Doomsday for President?" In this highly divided political climate, do you really think a lawn sign is going to change anyone's voting choice. we really care what some stranger going by thinks of our political thoughts? Don't know if anyone reads these blogs but I've just started writing again after a few years absence, and I'd really like to see a thought or two in response to my ramblings.

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Three Words on Politics

Donald Trump?  Really?

Favorite Fiction Collections

The Prey Series by John Sandford
The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher
The Odd Thomas Series by Dean Koontz
The Foundation Series by Isaac Asimov
The Corps by W.E.B. Griffin
The Jesse Stone Novels by Robert Parker
The Ender's Game Novels by Orson Scott Card
The Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazny
The Elvis Cole Novels by Robert Crais
The Rama Books by Arthur C. Clarke

Thoughts about music.

Ten Favorite Guitarists (no particular order):

Eric Clapton
Mark Knopfler
James Burton
Chuck Berry
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Brian May
Jimmy Page
Jimi Hendrix
Carlos Santana
Bonnie Raitt

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

What the hell HAPPENED?

You may well ask, "WHAT the hell HAPPENED to all the blogging I was going to do this summer?" I had two good friends (also, incidentally close family members) tell me I should start writing again. But...truth be told...I haven't been even a little inspired to write. I actually sat down on several occasions specifically to write, but nothing happened. And....I got none of that random inspiration I usually do. So... all I can say is I WILL eventually write something when and if the inspiration comes. Time will tell.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Inspiration and Encouragement

A cousin with two Master's Degrees and a son with one recently encouraged me to work on some poetry or essays or SOME form or writing, so...blogging will be happening soon. That's a warning. :-)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

What's a Blog?

I have a buddy at work who asked me what a blog is? What's a blog? Where are blogs? How do you blog?'s a blog. It's about writing...about expressing yourself...about venting your spleen? So...whatya think, Skid Johnson?

Saturday, March 04, 2006

A Recent Letter to the Times Lacked Logic

Another recent submission to the Times...

A recent letter to the editor told the story of a young man who screams out the name of God just before his car crashes head-on into a semi truck. The man who wrote the letter gave this as his reason for being against the separation of church and state. I wonder how many people who find themselves about to have a head-on collision would, instead, scream out a vulgar slang term for excrement at the last second. I guess this is an argument against the separation of excrement and state. Oh, I forgot...there IS no separation of excrement and state; that's why the Bush administration was able to get into office.

George Bush...a Laugh Riot

A recent submission to the Times...

I was very amused by the Griffith resident who made that great joke about Democrats blaming George Bush for the eventual flooding caused by the melting of Greenland's ice caps. I laughed and laughed. It was almost as funny as those darn Democrats who blame George Bush for an unnecessary, immoral war that has already cost 2,500 American lives.

Friday, February 10, 2006

7 Songs I'm Into Now

Yes, I've been tagged by my son at . And I'm supposed to list seven songs that I'm into now...hence the title. Some of these songs are new; some not so much. At least one is VERY old, but off a recent classic jazz recording on the Verve label. I like much of the newer music that's out, but newer music seldom swings like the old stuff. I'll let you guess which song I'm speaking of. Here they list of seven, in no special order:

1) All the Time in the World - Lowen & Navarro
2) Busting Up a Starbucks - Mike Doughty
3) Soul - Healthy White Baby
4) Asshole - Jim's Big Ego
5) Black Horse and the Cherry Tree - K T Turnstall
6) Deja Vu (All Over Again) - John Fogerty
7) Steppin' Out With My Baby - Fred Astaire

I'm also listening to anything by Jack Johnson, "A Bigger Bang" by the Stones, and a lot of old stuff by Ricky Nelson and Johnny Cash. I kind of like the sound of high-pitched women's voices in songs like "Ooh La La" by the Ditty Bops and "Walking With a Ghost" by Tegan and Sara. I like bluesy performers like Daniellia Cotton and Shemekia Copeland. And I think David Gray has an excellent voice...specifically the song "The One I Love". Let's see...that Hassidic-looking Ska guy, Matisyahu is pretty interesting. And...the Subdudes just released an excellent album that was produced by the very excellent Keb Mo. I've talked about more than 7 songs, haven't I?